How  to choose a color scheme

Choosing a color for a room or deciding the color scheme for a room depends a lot on the individual.

Some people like light and mild colors while others like bright and bold colors.

One idea that would work for anyone is to choose an inspirational piece or a focal point for the room; maybe you love a particular ornament, painting, curtain, rug, floral arrangement etc, and decide your colors based on that one piece. It would be more helpful if the inspirational piece consists of fewer colors.  The lightest color in the piece can be used as the color for the walls, another color in the piece can be used for the curtains, and another can be used for the cushions and so on. This tip can open up a world of possibilities and make color choosing exciting.  Have fun experimenting!

One common misconception ,is that, every aspect of a room needs to make a bold statement, not necessarily so, sometimes the simplest color can make the world of difference and speak volumes by enhancing with use other colors in the room.

Most important, at Furniture Gallery you would find a variety of furniture and accessories that would go with any color scheme you chose…Happy color scheming!