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Hello Everyone,

Once again this time of year is upon us. Over the years it becomes clearer and clearer that Christmas is about children. RFG has been around for 10 years and over the years we have done many Toy/Treats and School supply drives. I remember the first year that we did it, we bought candy and toys to gift to the children. We weren’t sure how to go about doing this, with regards to locating kids that were in need. So we asked around and we were provided with the names of 2 or 3 orphanages, So we thought great ! This should be fun, just seeing the children’s  faces light up as they got these presents. So, very excited with gifts on tow we arrived at the first orphanage As we entered there was a sign in book for visitors..hmm very professional system here, I thought. So as I opened the book to search for where i needed to sign and  i saw pages and pages of names. Great ! lots of visitors, only after speaking with the caretaker did i learn that not only were they visitors but they also all brought gifts for the children, all over the past few days/weeks. Those kids got so much “stuff” that the caretakers said to me that they had to keep most of it in storage, because the kids got so much that they really didn’t appreciate it as much. So they would keep in in storage and give it to them over the year.

So the next year, close to our office, I noticed a primary school. I spoke with one of the teachers there and I was brought to tears by what she told me. Most of the students she said, would come to school without shoes,food or proper clothes. for Christmas there were no visitors and no gifts. The teachers would contribute to provide some sort of treat for them, but its only so much that they can do.

I thought it was a blessing that I stumbled upon them, they were really in need.  Over the years I continued to gift the kids with copy books and pencils crayons etc. Not only at Christmas, but also at the start of the school term, as they also needed everyday things. Every-time I go there i am thanked with so much love and appreciation, Its truly wonderful and again, a blessing that I found them.

This year we would like to extend our arms even wider, however we need your help. We would like  to solicit your ideas and thoughts  for who you think we should focus our gift giving to this year. If there are family’s who would appreciate receiving the gift of  food or kids in schools in need of school supplies, toys etc. Please let us know. We are looking for the Schools/kids/family’s that are neglected and overlooked this time of year.

We also to invite you to be a part of our gift giving. Just drop off a gift, wrapped and marked with the age and gender that it is appropriate for, and between the 12-23rd of December we would present it to the children and family’s.

We look forward to your thoughts.