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So… you’re here for Carnival in hot  sunny beautiful  Trinidad and Tobago. What do you bring, what do you wear?

DO wear light, comfortable clothing. Swimsuits aren’t usual city wear, only on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, when anything goes, well…almost.

DO wear comfortable shoes, e.g. sneakers. Those trekking sandals work well also. There is a lot of walking involved at Carnival time.

DO carry ID with you, including your address while in Trinidad.

DO try the local cuisine from the roadside vendors, just remember to look for the food handler’s license.  Some items that are “MUSTS” are doubles, pelau shark&bake, & corn soup just to name a few.

DO carry and use lots of sunscreen. You don’t want to miss the party because of sunburn.

DO drink lots of fluids. Carnival falls right in the middle of the ‘dry season’, so you can get dehydrated easily without recognizing it.

DO ask for assistance if you need it. There are many uniformed police, guards, tourism officers, etc. available to direct and help you.

DO check the newspapers daily for the things to do that day.

DO follow your instincts. If it feels right, do it. If it feels wrong, don’t do it.

DO bring (and wear) a shady hat and sunglasses. The sun can be BRIGHT! Ladies here’s your opportunity to sport a trendy hat and some ultra cool sun shades.

DO use common sense, and enjoy yourself. By this we mean, be extremely careful and aware of your surroundings at all times. Try to not get carried away with your alcohol consumption especially with most fetes being all-inclusive. If you must drink designate a driver and group coordinator. This person should be aware at all times and keep eyes on your group make sure no one strays away from the flock.

DO- if you can take a trip to Tobago for a day or two. You wont regret it. The beaches are stunning and the food simply delicious!