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Some safety tips to keep in mind-

  • Wear minimal jewelry.
  • Travel in groups to and from activities.
  • Not carry around or display large amounts of money.
  • Not accept drinks from strangers or leave drinks unattended.
  • Pre-arrange transport arrangements and designate an alcohol-free driver.
  • Public transportation is handled by private taxis, which run along fixed routes, like buses. These taxis can be recognized by the ‘H’ prefix on the license plates, (i.e. HAR 1234)
  • DON’T flash large sums of cash.
  • DON’T wear lots of expensive jewelry.
  • DON’T walk in dark areas alone. Use the lit walkways.
  • DON’T be led into any strange situation by any sweet-talking tout.
  • DON’T eat / drink anything you’re not accustomed to. Local food is rich and takes a little getting used to.