There is SO MUCH to consider when painting and staining outdoors.  But once you break it down, the same principles of colour and design apply that you follow for interior projects.

Balance, composition and harmony.

As a starting point, take a walk in your neighborhood to consider nature’s colour palette and also take a look at other homes, paying special attention to those that resemble your own.  This establishes the context which will help you develop a look that complements your neighbors homes while being uniquely your own.

Now looking at your home again – take note of the fixed elements (those areas that you are not changing) for instance your roof, or brick, or other cladding.

A well designed exterior will not have more than 4 colours – and that includes those fixed elements.  The 4 will look something like this:  a main body colour (the brick, siding or masonry – typically the biggest part of your house); trim such as window trim, door frames and garage doors; accents such as shutters and any decorative trim that you might have and finally a “wow” colour for the front door.

Remember hues that at first glance appear dull and boring will really come to life with outdoor lighting conditions.  So always be sure to view your colour options outside before making your final decision.2009/06/23 | Sharon Grech