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Décor is all about personal style, and you can’t make mistakes with preference. Mistakes are when you have improper proportion and placement. So take those pieces you absolutely love and make them the features that they deserve to be.
First of all, don’t be afraid to buy art. Some people don’t know what to buy so they end up forgoing the experience altogether. The important thing is that you enjoy it. A great place to go is Art Interiors, which features great art at affordable prices.

Remember to buy the proper size and scale for your home. I often see palatial dining room / living room halls with a teeny little piece of art haphazardly stuck in the middle of them. Remember that art is there to be appreciated, not to be stuck up any old place. Buy large or in a group if you like.

If you have some smaller pieces that you love, hang them in a grouping next to a larger piece. If you have a piece you’d like to stand alone, frame it with a sconce on either side, centred beside the painting.

The easier and cheapest way to fill space is to do a grouping. Get identical frames and similar pieces that are the same size and hang them together. This has the effect of a large piece, but you don’t have to spend for that piece.

Sometimes, in décor magazines, you’ll see a grouping with different frames. Keep in mind that the frames are usually in the same finish and they are most often arranged in a square. To achieve this effect, map your arrangement out on a piece of kraft paper on your floor. Trace your placement on the paper, hang the paper on the way and nail your holes through the paper. This is the easiest way to get exactly what you want. 2005/08/24 | Brian Gluckstein