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Getting ready for work in the morning is a chore — and we’ve all had those days where we drop the mascara wand on our crisp, white shirt, can’t find the deodorant, or realize that we’re completely out of toothpaste or toilet paper.

Having an organized bathroom is one way to keep those AM catastrophes to a minimum, with the added bonus that it looks good.

The bathroom should be a calming space — and one way to ruin that vibe is with overpowering fragrance. Ditch the room spray for a more natural aroma — for example a rosemary plant that you can lightly crush to release its clean, pine-like scent.

Bringing in a soft fabric curtain makes a world of difference in terms of beautifying the room.

Try to avoid displaying ratty, tired-looking towels — they still have their use (removing makeup, etc) but make sure you replace your towels every so often. (Preferably when they’re on sale!)

And the one thing you should never do? Have piles of toilet paper rolls sitting on the floor — very university, Seldon laughs. She recommends using a pretty wicker box or something similar to conceal them. At the very least, hide them in a drawer or cupboard!

With these tips, you’re on your way to a stylish loo. And fewer morning mishaps!

Guide to Luxurious Finishing Touches

1. Display a generous arrangement of white towels on open shelving, inside glass front cabinetry, or stacked in plain sight. The spa-like abundance brings a feeling of well-being to this busy room.

2. Include one furniture item that is not specifically for the bathroom. Store bath towels or toiletries on a beautiful chair perched beside the tub or in a good-looking chest of drawers.

3. A decorative mirror adjacent to a window magnifies light and provides a stylish accent. Look for current versions that feature mother-of-pearl finishes or mirrored frames.

4. A glittering chandelier or modern light fixture is right at home in the bathroom.

5. Original artwork in the bathroom? Absolutely. Where there is high humidity opt for an oil painting rather than works on paper which can suffer from condensation.

6. A decorative tray stylishly groups dissimilar items such as shampoos, lotions, and perfumes.

2009/09/29 | CityLine.ca