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An organized Medicine Cabinet will save you time from looking for things, money because you’ll use what you have, and let’s face it, people love to look in the medicine cabinet.


Keep only things that you USE like Skincare, haircare product, and other accessories

Store tooth brushes, combs, and other regularly used products on the most accessible shelf

Medicine, Aspirin, First Aid, extra soap that you don’t use frequently should be stored on the top shelf

Corral like things together for example, makeup on one shelf, hair accessories on another

Edit constantly. If you haven’t used something like an eye liner, blush, or perfume, moisturizer,  in a year, with the exception of medications and First Aid, start using it or give it away, or store it in a larger space

To keep things neat, store no more than two of the same product at the same time

STORAGE – It can be pretty!

SAVE valuable space by storing brushes. and tubes VERTICALLY in vessels like cups, and glasses.

HIDE things you don’t want anyone to see and bits-and-bobs like makeup samples, and travel perfumes in a closed container.

CLEAR mini-drawers are great for hair elastics, and bobby pins

MAKEUP BAG keep makeup that you can’t live without in a travel makeup bag which you can take with you if you’re running late