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Ah, a nice little snooze in a hammock or chaise lounger is the best way to spend a summer afternoon. Add a little ice tea, maybe an interesting book or magazine and the experience becomes a memory-making proposition. Oh, wait, where are you going to put that tea if there’s no table next to the hammock, and how will you ever be able to read in the blinding sunlight? Patio furniture helps you relax comfortably in your outdoor space — if you plan it right. Treat your patio like a family room away from home. If you like to lean back, invest in a quality loungerwith substantial foam fill and you’ll be drifting off to sleep in no time. Get comfortable. After all, the La-Z-Boy recliner got its start as a porch chair



When contemplating furnishings for your patio space, keep these things in mind:

  • Comfort is King – Where your indoor living space may bow to convention and style at the cost of comfort, the patio can be a haven for relaxation without worry. Throw out the coasters and tell the kids to go ahead and roughhouse.
  • Scale the Furnishings for the Space – One enormous couch in a space designed for a chair and table will probably end up being an eyesore and a traffic hazard. Make sure that the furnishings you choose for your patio keep the space open and easy to move around in.

  • Avoid Being an Eyesore – Even though you have a lot of latitude when designing your patio, if you can see it from the front of the house, make an effort to keep the style consistent with the prevailing architecture. If it’s behind a solid fence, on the other hand, by all means indulge your passion for gaily-painted bowling ball art or anything else that appeals to you.
  • Keep it All-WeatherOutdoor furniture is constructed to withstand the elements. The fiber fillers in cushions repel moisture and resist mildew, and the fabrics are UV protected. Keep your patio looking good for longer than a season or two by choosing furniture that’s built to last outdoors.

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