Tip of the Day:

How do you know when enough is enough? Confusing but what an asset to any stylish room! Throw cushions has the ability to transform any room from blah to WAW! But there is a limit to the number of throw pillows that anyone

should toss on the couch or chuck on a chair. If you need to store the decorative dandies behind the sofa to liberate a spot for yourself, or if you find guests cradling one or two in their laps or sitting on the front six inches of an easy chair, you’re suffering from throw-pillow-overload. And don’t get too “poufy” with pillows either. Rule of thumb: if a pillow doesn’t fit comfortably behind your back, it shouldn’t be taking up valuable seating space.

Take a look at these throw pillows that we just got in, a definite asset to any space. @furnituregallery Trinidad