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I Am Forbidden

A generational story of 2 girls, one born into a Jewish home, the other adopted into that same home. One sister (adopted) lives and follows the Jewish path, while the other decides to explore the world without limits. The book follows through the life of the sister that chooses the Jewish path.

WAW! was my initial reaction upon finishing my read. While it may be a slow start, its worth the read through. Like all good stories there must be a strong foundation on which to base the entire story. This slow start (great and necessary foundation) lead to an amazingly gripping and most shocking story.

This book was appealing, as it was a way into another culture and life. It definitely delivered. The tale was gripping and filled with drama. Wonderful! Bravo! What a fantastic look into lives that was rich with religion and culture like no other I have ever known. Amongst it, there was a story of great love, which ended in great sadness.  Lets just say when it was over I wasn’t ready for it to be over. A definite must read! let us know what you thought of it… recommendations are always welcomed!

Our book club readers all loved it, they were equally wawed by it!